Quality Control

“When I drive on the roads, I know the product came from us…I feel a sense of pride.”

Ensuring that everything runs smoothly and the product meets engineering specifications not only guarantees customer satisfaction but also plays a large role in the safety, durability, and success of the final products. Quality control makes that happen.

Quality Control

Quality Control provides one of the most extensive insights into operations and is the most recommended starting position for moving up in this industry. If you’re looking for an overall view of how the industry operates, QC is where you’ll want to start. You’ll see what should be done and where things can go wrong. This insight equips you to be successful in nearly all of the career paths offered by the aggregate industry.


Testing, sampling, and analyzing samples is an important part of the quality control process. Our chemists are a crucial part of QC and work to ensure that the aggregate materials produced at each facility are perfect down to the molecular level.

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