Safety, Engineering, and Science

“Today it’s so modernized…making the whole business very safe and very efficient”

Safety, engineering, and the sciences ensure that we’re keeping our staff secure, things function exactly how they should, and we’re using and applying resources responsibly.


Our employees are our most important asset. Safety and health engineers need to ensure that everyone is working safely and securely.

This can only be handled by a specialized team that knows the ins and outs of our industry. These specialists focus their attention on making sure our teams are safe and secure in their day-to-day job.


Planning, functioning, and building in our industry all start with the people who understand how everything works. Engineering positions keep our operations moving and ensure everything performs as expected.

Electrical engineers, process engineers, structural engineers, and mechanical engineers are all readily needed to keep the aggregate industry growing and moving forward.


Geologists and environmental scientists have a natural home in the aggregate industry. Where to mine and how to mine is based on science.

From surveyors and hydrologists to specialized fields of geology and environmental sciences, you will find a position that fits your interests.

Build Your Future. Build Illinois.

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